Medicap® srl is a GMP, UNI EN ISO 13485 Certified Company specialized in production of Biocompatible Artificial Hair and Automatic Hair Implant Instruments, classified as Medical Devices with CE MDR Mark 0373. Medicap®  devices have been developed as Remedy of Female and Male Alopecia (Baldness) or Hair Thinning Solution.

Thanks to the increasingly better results achieved through our consolidated medical experience in hair restoration baldness solution and in-depth Medical-Scientific Research, the hair implant techniques by Medicap® has been further enriched by the Automatic Hair Implant Device and Medicap High Density 4.0 ® Hair which allows to satisfy an always larger number of patients to reach the expected aesthetic results and don’t make detactable patient hair loss.

Medicap® Italy is the manufacturer of THE ORIGINAL Biocompatible Artificial Hair  4.0 ® and Medicap High Density4.0 ® (MHD) hair and High-Tech Instruments for artificial Hair Implant as Adjustable Implanter ® and Automatic Hair Implant Device®.

Medicap® organizes qualification courses to train doctors in Medicap® 4.0 Hair Implant technique. Qualification Courses are held in Medicap® headquarters, Italy , by dedicated ONLINE platform , or on demand at Medicap ® distributors sites with medical tutor.

Medicap® provides technical and scientific support to doctors, clinics and hospitals that perform the new Medicap® 4.0 ® Hair Implant surgery.

Medicap® strengths are :

  • Product quality : Medicap® guarantees users of Medicap® 4.0 Biocompatible Artificial Hair the highest Safety Standards thanks to the continuous improvement on Implant Materials and exclusive Medical Implant Protocols ;
  • Experience : that we provide to the users of our new Medical Devices (Biocompatible Artificial Hair 4.0 ®, Medicap High Density 4.0 ® Hair, Automatic Hair Implant Device and manual Instruments) ;
  • Quality of services : focused to satisfy any need of our Partners as personalized training, promotional support, meetings participation, post-marketing assistance ;
  • Patient’s information : providing patients information about the closest qualified doctor or clinic performing Medicap 4.0 ® Hair Implant procedure.

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