Clinical and Histological studies at 2, 3 and 5 years and literature confirm that Medicap ® Biocompatible artificial Hair Implant is a valid baldness (alopecia) solution for both male and female patients. Its allows to achieves high Quality and Safety standards, with a reduced percentage of minor inflammatory and infective reactions. The new Medicap ® 4.0 hair is an innvotive medical device produced with a polymers medical grade VI and with macro molecular pigments to ensure the best safety and with high resistance to chemical, physical and mechanical stress, ensuring a long lasting aesthetic result of the implant.


Patient Safety is further granted thanks to Medicap ® 4.0 hair reversible knot which allows an effective, scar-free removal, in case of need (1-2% of cases).

Hair Implant Physicians with large practical experience, agree in stating that the large majority of patients implanted by THE ORIGINAL Medicap ® 4.0 Hair Implant, are highly satisfied by the quality of the Implant Procedure and for the Immediate Aesthetic Results. With the new generation of biocompatible artificial hair Medicap ® 4.0 even better results are shown.

The implantation of Medicap ® 4.0 artificial hair resulted as Safe and Effective because:

  • Medicap ® 4.0 hair is a biocompatible medical fiber that causes negligible foreign-body reactions that can be identified with implant test and solved with extraction in case of need ;
  • it is performed by Trained and Qualified physicians working in compliance with suitable medical protocols ;
  • Medicap ® Automatic Hair Implant Device and Hair Implant Instrument used for the implantation of Medicap® 4.0 Hair ensure perfect one by one customized implantation optimizing the duration of expected result;
  • Medicap ® hair can be removed in the whole form, if necessary thus allowing Restitutio ad integrum of the scalp and subsequent hair restoration procedures in case patient wish for that.

The Implant of the new generation of biocompatible artificial hair Medicap ®4.0 , correctly performed by a Qualified Physician on Suitable Patient is a Simple, Safe,  dermo surgery procedure for male and female alopecia solution and as hair thinning remedy  that  guarantees good satisfaction both to the physician that carries it out and the patient that benefits from it .



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