Assistenza-MediciIn order to constantly ensure the most excellent results and customer satisfaction with Automatic Medicap®4.0 Hair Implant System and Medicap®4.0 Hair Implant, our baldness solutions and hair thinning remedy for male and female alopecia, Medicap® provides to Qualified medical Partners the following support:

  • refers patients to closest qualified doctors ;
  • ensures continuous technical and scientific assistance ;
  • cooperates for conference, workshops organization, and the like ;
  • supply correct information on Medicap®4.0 Hair Implant procedure ;
  • provides immediate updating on any hair implant innovation .

Implantation of biocompatible artificial hair Medicap®4.0 correctly carried out by the Qualified Physician on Suitable Patient, is a Simple, Safe, Dermo surgery procedure for baldness problem that guarantees positive outcome both to the Physician that carries it out and the Patient that benefits from it.


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