The new Automatic Medicap ® 4.0 Hair Implant is an outpatient hair restoration technique, Safe and Effective, that makes possible to obtain a high, fully hair thickening solution with a Natural and Immediate Aesthetic result on Male and Female Baldness and whenever it is necessary to Reinforce the Aesthetic Result obtained with other techniques.

It is a modern alopecia remedy performed only on Suitable Patients by  Qualified Physicians trained on  Medicap ®4.0 Hair Implant procedure.

Blond girl with long hair looking at camera by the seaside
The implant shall be preceded by an anamnesis focused on identifying any disease (current or past) that may hinder the positive outcome of the hair implant procedure.

The suitable patient for Medicap ® 4.0 Hair Implant :

  • is in good health conditions and has a healthy scalp ;
  • is not sensitive to the Medicap ® 4.0 tolerance test ;
  • has a proper scalp hygiene and proper after care ;
  • is aware that he  she shall undergo periodical small implants re touches to replace lost hair to keep the aesthetic result obtained .

Medicap ® 4.0 Hair Implant results can be appreciated immediately after the implant procedure granting to the patients the wished look and the best psychological wellness.

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