Medicap® produces new generation of Biocompatible Artificial Hair (Medicap®  4.0 hair and Medicap High Density® 4.0 (MHD),  exclusive Automatic Hair Implant device and handle hair Implantation Instruments. All Medicap ® products and devices are CE marked as satisfy the Safety requirements established by the current International Standards.

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Ongoing cooperation with leading biochemistry, bioengineers, biomedical experts and with laboratories accredited by the Ministry of Health and University departments enables Medicap ® to be constantly up to date in the Production of innovative Medical Devices for Hair Implant.

  • Medicap ® 4.0 the new generation of Biocompatible Artificial Hair for implant : supplied in variations of 15 different colors + white , in various shape (straight, wavy, curly, afro), with several length as 15 cm, 30 cm, 45 cm to satisfy all patients’ requests ;
  • Medicap High Density ® 4.0 (M.H.D.) the new generation of triple Biocompatible Artificial Hair for implant: available in the same colors of Medicap® 4.0 hair, offers a triple hair density outside the scalp just implantating a single fiber ;
  • Automatic  Medicap®4.0 Hair Implant® device is the most modern device for artificial hair implant and for quick baldness solution. Allows to perform implant for many hours without stress and with reduced session time. It enables shorter intervals between implant sessions thanks to the optimal scalp cicatrization. It ensures perfect hair orientation, right implant depth with maximum fixation rate . It performs customized one by one hair implant to always create a very natural aesthetic result ;
  • Adjustable Implanter ® (handle Implant Instrument) has been ergonomically projected to provide best hair implant precision and implant comfort for the physician. They are fundamental part of Automatic Medicap® 4.0 Hair Implant device ;

Medicap®4.0 Hair Implant is an efficient Hair Restoration Technique and an excellent baldness solution suitable to treat cases of Androgenic Alopecia (baldness), general Hair Thinning, Male and Female baldness (alopecia), Depletion of a donor area for hair transplant, scalp scars and burns alopecia, as integration to other hair restoration remedies, to hide patient hair loss  providing an immediate aesthetic result and a big density of hair in few hours.

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