The choice of the new Medicap®4.0 Hair Implant ® is for all those persons who are willing to solve their baldness (alopecia) problems Safely and Effectively, with an immediate and Long-Lasting Aesthetic Result. Safety and Effectiveness of the Medicap® 4.0 Hair Implant the new soft cosmetic surgery procedure by Medicap ®  is testified by the Bibliography and the several Approvals and Awards and it is guaranteed by :

  • Biocompatibility of  Medicap® Artificial Hair 4.0  ;
  • High quality of Adjustable and Automatic Hair Implant Instruments ;
  • Exclusive Medical Protocols for Implant ;
  • Procedure being performed by a Qualified Doctor on Medicap® 4.0 Hair Implant technique .

Clinical and Histological Studies at 2, 3 and 5 years confirm that THE ORIGINAL Medicap ® artificial Hair can last for years in their pseudo-infundibulum without causing any discomfort for the patient and keeping their excellent aesthetic function of Anti-Aging baldness solution for male and female alopecia.

Medicap®4.0 Hair Implant is a non invasive light Aesthetic Surgery treatment for baldness remedy both in case of alopecia or hair thinning largely required among Male and Female patients

Medicap® 4.0 Hair Implant ensures multiple advantages as follows :

  •  offers a high hair density in just a few hours with an immediate and natural aesthetic result and with the related psychological and physical wellness for the patient ;
  • satisfies any aesthetic requirement, because Medicap®4.0 Artificial Hair is undetectable to natural hair, is available in different variations up to 15 colours + white, in different lengths (from 15 cm up to 45 cm) and in 4 different hairstyles (straight, wavy, curly, afro) ;
  • is a simple soft outpatient dermosurgery procedure that allow the patient return to his social life – no patient down time ;
  • provides a gradual and progressive Hair Thickening to hide the patients hair loss problem ;
  • it’s not aging – no turn white ;
  • can be performed or stopped when desired and the implant can be performed alone or in combination with other medical or surgical treatments .

The new Medicap® 4.0 Hair Implant is Recommended for Generalized Hair Thinning, androgenetic alopecia(baldness) , scalp scars , when required to Integrate other Hair Loss or Hair Restoration Techniques and whenever an Immediate Aesthetic Result or a High Hair Density is required.

Medicap® 4.0 Hair Implant is performed by Qualified Doctors in Primary Clinics Specialized in Dermatology, Cosmetic Surgery and Aesthetic Medicine.

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