Thanks to the continuing research, which further improved the most common hair restoration techniques used to Treat Baldness (alopecia) Hair Transplant (FUE, FUT) and the new Medicap® 4.0 Hair Implant and thanks to the current Dermo trichology Remedies today it is possible to slow down baldness (alopecia) problem and thicken hair very quickly.

A visit by a specialist physician and a complete trichology check up are necessary to define the type of alopecia (baldness) the patient is suffering from and its causes.

Temporary alopecia (Telogen Defluvium, Alopecia Areata, Chemotherapy and Psychosomatic Alopecia) is usually cured by removing the triggering cause and applying a specialist treatment.

If the Specialist Treatment does not yield the expected satisfying results, it is necessary to recur to other techniques and other remedies.

curare alopecia

Male and Female Definitive Baldness problem (Androgenic and Scarring Alopecia) can usually be treated only with a suitable surgical treatment.

Automatic  Medicap® 4.0 Hair Implant is a light cosmetic surgery remedy for Baldness solution and Hair Thinning remedy and represents a good opportunity to have an Immediate Aesthetic Result without discomfort for the patient.

Automatic Medicap®4.0 Hair Implant is performed by qualified physicians in reputable Clinics Specialized in dermatologic surgery, cosmetic surgery and aesthetic medicine.


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