Alopecia (the proper medical word for Baldness) is a disorder that affects about 60% of men and 30% of women of all ages.

The causes of Alopecia (Baldness) may be of genetic (hereditary), hormonal, traumatic and pharmacological nature. Among the causes there are also some infectious diseases, major stresses and a hyper-protein and unbalanced diet. Among the aggravating factors there are dandruff and sebum excess (seborrhoeic dermatitis), ultraviolet radiations and pollution, chemicals aggression (dyes, permanent wave) and mechanical trauma (excessive pulling).



The diagnosis of alopecia (baldness) requires a specialist physician’s visit and, depending on the cause, it may be:

  • Temporary (telogen defluvium, alopecia areata, psychosomatic and chemotherapy alopecia)
  • Definitive (androgenic and scarring alopecia)

Alopecia (baldness) may appear as hair Thinning, it may be Disseminated, Circumscribed or Scarring.

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