The Automatic Medicap®4.0 Hair Implant System is the most modern and performing equipment for the implant of  the new generation of Biocompatible artificial hair Medicap®4.0 for male and female baldness solution and hair thinning remedy.

Automatic Medicap®4.0 Hair Implant System was thought to fulfil the requests of many medical facilities to have a fast, zero invasive and always perfect implant device to additionally increase patient satisfaction by ensuring  immediate result and solve their alopecia problem or increase hair density if case of hair thinning. 

Automatic Medicap®4.0Hair Implant device is created by Medicap Italy in collaboration with a staff of engineers from F1 automotive field and bio engeneers from medical devices field to ensure best working safety and top performance of materials.


Automatic Medicap®4.0 Hair Implant system® has several benefits that make it “a truly precious partner” for physicians.

Automatic Medicap®4.0 Hair Implant device :

  • reduces implantation time with 800 Medicap®4.0 hairs per hour or 2100 MHD ® hair per hour, for best patient comfort ;
  • enables shorter intervals between two implant session as minimize cicatrization time ;
  • allows perfect hair orientation, right implant depth and maximum fixation rate ;
  • ensures an optimal implant result even after many hours of practice ;
  • grants a natural custom-made hair implant for the utmost patient satisfaction and for the prestige of hair implant clinic

Automatic Medicap®4.0 Hair Implant System is a simple and performing aesthetic surgery procedure exclusively reserved to Qualified Trained Physicians in the implantation of the new generation of Biocompatible artificial hair Medicap®4.0 to guarantee good and lasting aesthetic results to male and female patients with baldness (alopecia) problem for an immediate psychological benefit to the patients .

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