Thanks to continuous scientific research, in the last decade the following results have been achieved:

  • hair transplant techniques have been perfected, by means of implantation of follicular units (FUT and FUE) that provide a natural-looking aesthetic result, and have basically reached the pinnacle of development, fully replacing obsolete “island” transplants, which usually resulted in unpleasantly looking locks of hair scattered over the patient’s head.
  • the new generation of biocompatible artificial hair Medicap ® 4.0 is a medical device approved by CE MDR 0373 .  Automatic Medicap ® 4.0 Hair Implant is legally authorized and recognized as medical hair restoration procedure for male and female baldness (alopecia) remedy and as hair thinning solution. This modern procedure, which has proven safe and effective, has NOTHING TO DO WITH the dangerous and invasive procedure performed by NON medical staff on the 70-80’s , expecially in US, which consisted in threading groups of fibers, not for human use, into the scalp of patients through a sort of hook. This aggressive technique leaded to 1983 the FDA ban as usually resulted in big patients discomfort and scarce results.
impiato trapianto

The first pubblic recognition of Artificial hair implant as medical act was in 1995 when the techniuqe was advocate to qualified doctors only  and the fibers must abide to strich medical device safety standards. From 1995 to date many improvements was done both in the fibers and in the medical protocol. These achievements marked a turning point in the baldness surgery and today many physicians  combine the benefits of medical certified Biocompatible Artificial Hair Implant with those of modern hair Transplant and other techniques to satisfy all their Patient’s needs.

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