Nowadays actual prevention of alopecia (baldness) is not possible especially for Androgenic and/or Scarring Alopecia. A visit by a specialist physician and a complete trichology check up makes possible to clearly identify the causes and define the most suitable treatments.

If the adopted therapies do not yield satisfying results, it is necessary to carry out further in-depth examinations on the status of follicles.

prevenire alopecia

If the follicles have atrophied, the only possible solution to have one’s hair back is via surgery.

The new Automatic Medicap®4.0 Hair Implant is a simple, modern, soft surgical solution for baldness or hair thinning problem that consists in inserting the new generation of biocompatible artificial hair, identical to natural hair, in the bald and/or thin hair area until the desired hair density is reached, with an Immediate Aesthetic Result and no pain or discomfort for the patient.

Automatic Medicap® 4.0 Hair Implant is an excellent Hair Thickening Remedy applicable to cases of Androgenic Alopecia (baldness), general hair thinning, Male and Female alopecia (baldness), depletion or absence of a donor area for hair transplant, scalp scars or burns alopecia.

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