The Implant of Medicap® 4.0 Biocompatible Artificial Hair consists of inserting under the mild anaesthetised scalp as many Medicap ®4.0 hair as needed to obtain the required hair thickening or to cover baldness area in case of alopecia problemIf applicable and properly performed represents, today, a light Dermatologic Surgery Procedure that provides satisfactory results in the large majority of cases. Automatic Medicap ®4.0 Hair Implant is a simple, quick, outpatient procedure for baldness solution or as hair thinning remedy that offers an Immediate Aesthetic Result and a high quantity of hairs in short time. It is suitable to solve male and female Alopecia problem and whenever it is necessary to strengthen the Aesthetic Result of other techniques. Its requires to carry out small periodical re-implants to maintain the desired level of hair thickening and need to have a proper scalp hygiene and proper after careThe best results are obtained on case of hair thinning and on medium severity baldness (alopecia).

Progression of a Biofibre® hair implant during the same session

The Hair Transplant (FUE and FUT) consists of taking hair bulbs from the nape of the patient and transplant them to 1,2, 3 or more bulbs in the thin hair and/or bald area. If applicable and properly performed this surgical procedure today gives satisfying results in the large majority of cases. The hair Transplant is a more invasive surgical procedures than implant, no require after-care and the final Aesthetic Result is visible 9 -12 months after the procedure. It is a procedure that is applicable only if the patient has a sufficient donor area. The number of hair that can be taken from the donor area (nape) is limited and not all transplanted hair re-grow. The best results are obtained on medium severity baldness (alopecia).

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