The maintenance of Medicap®4.0 Hair Implant is mainly based on personal hygiene and proper after care.

The surface of the human scalp (epidermis) has a good blood supply and produces a waxy/oily substance (sebum), that is a useful natural shield, but when excessive, it has to be removed. The first principle of scalp care is thus the removal of excessive sebum production and perspiration.

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The aesthetic result and the duration of Medicap®4.0 Hair Implant can be easily preserved by bearing in mind a few simple tips.

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Please treat your Medicap ® 4.0 hair naturally and not in an aggressive way, in order to enjoy your hair fully and maximise the result.

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You can use a wide-toothed comb, following the direction of the implanted hair. Untangle hair first, before straightening them.

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Washing Medicap®4.0 hair regularly with delicate movements improves skin after-care and the duration of the aesthetic result. Use Hair Comfort every 3 days and a neutral shampoo any time you need.

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Wash the hair with fresh water and Hair Comfort after bathing in the sea and with a neutral shampoo after swimming pool.

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It is recommended to protect the hair with a wet clean towel. Please refresh the implant area after the sauna.



You can use Hair Comfort every 3 days approx. Use neutral shampoo of good quality any time you need. Spray DermaClean on the implanted area 3-4 times a week in the first month after implant and then 2-3 times a week as average. Spray SeboCare on the implanted area 1-2 times a week starting from the 5th week to reduce the possible formation of sebum plugs.

                                  Please rely on your implant clinic for more information



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