Implantation of  Medicap ®4.0 hair is the last generation of Biocompatible Artificial Hair produced by Medicap Italy.  Correctly performed by an Experienced Trained Physician on a Suitable Patient, is a simple, safe, soft surgery procedure for baldness solution or hair thinning remedy that  guarantees satisfaction both to the physician who carries it out and to the Patient who benefits from it.



In accordance with CE and GMP standards, Medicap Italy organizes personalized Qualification Trainings and Master Trainings onto Automatic Medicap ® 4.0 Hair Implant System  technique.

Medicap®4.0 Training are held by a specialized Medical Team at Medicap® headquarters (Italy) , on ONLINE platform , or to Medicap’s distributors with the presence of Medicap® tutor.

Training includes 3 modules :

1. a brief theoretical course where knowledge on the following issues will be acquired:

2.  a practical, hands-on session, which will be developed by using different types of simulators with increasing difficulty and these issues will be dealt  :

capello singolo - keratin shield

The following issues are dealt with during this second part of the course:

  • Correct implant procedure ;
  • Correct distance between implanted fibres ;
  • Instruments use and management ;

3. a large practical hands-on session , where each doctor will practice on patientlive surgery” with the tutor assistance. The following issues will be dealt in module 3 :

  • Appropriate local anaesthesia ;
  • Right implant deepness and orientation ;
  • How to reach an optimal aesthetic result;
  • Correct management of the result after the treatment.

A Qualification Diploma will be released at the end of the course to the physicians who have proved they can correctly perform the hair implant procedure.

Medicap® training is the shortest and most complete way to get an in-depth learning of the Medicap®4.0 Hair Implant System , providing a worthwhile alopecia remedy or hair thinning solution to male and female patients.

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